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Writing about home, marriage, personal development, and lessons from nature.

Short Story

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

My grandparents lived a quarter mile up the road from us; their homestead sat on around twenty acres — their house was a three-bedroom bungalow that Grandpa built with his own hands. There was a rough-shod fence that divided the “little” yard and the “big” yard. The adults told us to stay in the little yard when visiting, especially during seasons when large machinery was moving.

The front section of the little yard was a sloped lawn of prairie grass that would become dry and crispy by early summer. Since the treeline kept the air from circulating, the…

His perturbed transition to his new home ruffled our feathers.

Photo property of the author

Meet the Quaker parrot, possibly one of the most annoying birds to have as a pet. They are noisy, bossy creatures of habit who demand that strict routine be adhered to by all household members. Quakers are hard to please and will use their high pitched squawks to communicate their displeasure.

The picture above is our Quaker, Stewie — the small and annoying.

I got him for my husband, who loves birds, has experience raising birds, and had always wanted a parrot. …

Maybe he can explain why you can’t sleep

A sitting woman wearing a grey sweatshirt and fuzzy pajama pants holds her knees to her chest, looking exhausted and worried. The foreground is dark, indicating it is late at night.
Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

You lack the season of all nature, sleep. — Lady Macbeth

There is something deeply special about sleep. Its purpose is to shut out the world, place our thoughts on hold, and pause dealing with life. Sleep provides a time of mental pausing when you cannot focus on your problems. Losing sleep over something never brings resolution; instead, sleep often is the solution in itself.

Sleep finalises one day and readies our minds and bodies for a new day. …

Crystal Garrett

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